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Excessive drooling

I was wondering why our 8year old female lab started drooling today. Is this a health condition that needs to be treated?? She's drooling quite a lot and hasn't done this before.

My dog appears very happy and active when drooling or not. She had been playing some in the yard, but was still drooling hours later. She drank some water, so she didn't seem thirsty. I was just wondering why this would just start happening, since she has never done this before. This is the first time she has drooled like this, or at all for that matter.


Scott, most drooling dogs have some kind or irritant in their mouth. It might be something they ate (especially possible with I always say their motto is "eat everything you can because you can always throw it up later") like a sticker or a piece of bone. Also look for any strange masses or ulcers and take her to your vet if you see anything unusual. probably the most common reason I see for drooling is a bad tooth/teeth. If the situation hasn't cleared by the time you get this it's time for a check up! Thanks for the question.

Dr. Mike

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