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Inflammed testicles

Dr. Mike:
Our 13 month old Pudelpointer after being outside today was very listless, lying on the ground and lifting one leg, and had very swollen testicles (one much larger than the other) while seeming to be in pain.

The vet at first thought it might be cancer but then said it was probably caused by trauma (after taking a blood sample and seeing there was inflammation). Our vet then put him on a pain killer and antibiotic.

Any thoughts on the cause, treatment, and potential outcome? How serious is this likely to be?

Ouch! Sounds like your dog has orchitis (inflammation of the testicles) and there are a number of possible causes. Certainly trauma is a possibility in a young dog, other concerns are fungal and bacterial infections. One of the more serious of the bacterial infections is called brucellosis for which your veterinarian can do a blood test. Outcome depends on the cause and how much damage if any is done to the testicle. Keep us updated......thanks.
Dr. Mike

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