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Excessive Shedding

My seven month old GSP is losing hair, he doesn't have any problem with balding, or bald spots, he just seems to be losing hair. His coat remains medium dense, but I am concerend abiut this. I feed Nutro max puppy twice daily at about 1 1/2 - 2 cups. Since I noticed this I also seem to be mildly allergic to his coat. When we rub up against each other during play or training or praise I get a mild rash and very itchy. Any advice? Thanks

One piece of information that would be helpful is if the dog is itchy or not. If he's not it may just be a normal shedding pattern for your dog. If the dog is itchy you should get him checked out to make sure its not a parasitic or allergic problem. As far as your allergies go, see the post on allergies and dogs from last week. Thanks, good hunting. Dr. Mike

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