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Dry, cracked nose

Dr. Dr. Mike-
My 5 month old black lab's nose is getting very dry and chapped. She seems as active and happy as usual, and she's eating well, but I'm not sure if there's something wrong with her because of the condition of her nose. Is there anything I can put on it?

Kris, did your vet take a peek at the nose yet? There are a number of thing s that can cause a dry, crusty nose on a dog ranging from autoimmune diseases, infections or simple crusting from excessive rooting around in the dirt. Topical treatment depends on the diagnosis and of course a 5 month old lab would NEVER lick any medication off its nose.............YEAH RIGHT. On simple cases I have tried to break open vitamin e capsules and apply the gel topically, I have also tried various aloe products to moisturize the area. First have your vet take a look at the nose to make sure it's worth the "angst" of lab-wrestling . Good luck. Dr. Mike

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