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Cloudy eye in pup

Dr. Mike,

This email is a follow-up on the one I sent regarding a puppy with a cloudy eye. I took him to the vet to rule out juvenile cataracts. After examining the puppy, the vet said that the puppy had corneal scarring. He stained the puppy's eyes which helped him confirm this diagnosis. Probably what happened is that the puppy developed an eye infection and possibly small ulcers on the cornea and hopefully, the scarring (cloudiness) is temporary as the cornea heals. Starting last night, I place steroid drops in the puppy's eyes three times a day for seven days. Do you think this corneal scarring is permanent? Will this impair the puppy's vision?

Thanks for your thoughts on the matter.


Drew, unless the scarring was especially severe, the majority of these cases respond very well with no permanent vision impairment..good luck.

Dr. Mike

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