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Re: NAVHDA field search cooperation

Postby Urban_Redneck » Fri Jun 29, 2018 8:17 am

I would speak to some actual NAVHDA judges or attend a Handler's clinic.

I did the NA last year, my pup was running 100- 150 yards (bigger than any of the UT dogs I gunned for the day before) in a overgrown, 45 acre field, we were asked to change direction 8 times during a 20 minute test- I'll guess the judges needed proof the dog was cooperative and working for the gun. An outstretched arm and exaggerated step was all I needed to move the dog. The only time I spoke or blew a whistle was when she was chasing down chukars #2 and #3 , she blew me off until she returned with both birds- hello 3 in cooperation :lol:

We were #6 of 8 dogs that day, halfway through (after her second point), the judges stopped following and took to a strip of high ground while an apprentice and me followed the dog. It's a long day for the judges, I think if you demonstrate control and cooperation early, it goes a long way.

Best of luck to you and the pup!
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