Just what feelings do you have for your dog?

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Re: Just what feelings do you have for your dog?

Postby hicntry » Fri Apr 14, 2017 10:14 am

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :morning:
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Re: Just what feelings do you have for your dog?

Postby Willie T » Sun Apr 16, 2017 7:57 pm

It is different with each dog for me. Although I have been fortunate in most have all turned out to be more than decent bird dogs, I have "connected" more with some than others. With all the time I spend training and hunting with them to develop the type of interaction in the field I like, it's hard not to develop a strong bond. It's just much stronger for the special ones that come along. When I was young, I lacked patience with a rambunctious young pup when I would come home from school. My grandpa pointed out "your dogs whole world revolves around you". They wait for you all day. They depend on you for everything, and if you go about things the right way, they will give you every ounce of effort they have. I have an old dog that is almost 15 years old. Of all the bird dogs I have owned, she is the least physically gifted. She is also by far the most effective. This particular dog had more determination, intelligence, and tenacity than any other for me. She paired that with a great nose and a winning disposition to match. We traveled all over the country and man have we shared some good times. She is too old and beat up for the tough cover, harsh weather, or long days, but in her mind she still has it. If her health holds, I will find some short relatively tame hunts so she can get out and kick up her heels. When this particular dogs time is up it will be a sad day indeed at my house.
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Re: Just what feelings do you have for your dog?

Postby bp17oang » Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:50 pm

If the day comes that my dog cannot hunt safely or without pain/discomfort, and is still otherwise healthy, he will live out his days of full earned retirement in the house and around the farm. He has earned that and then some with his loyalty to me (and my wife) and temperament (both in the field and at home).

If, god forbid, the day comes that for whatever reason he is suffering, I will plant one last bird for him in the hay field and my vet will put him down right there after he points and retrieves it. One final memory- ending where it all started.

When I first went to my vet, I asked about house calls. They said they didn't do that, and I informed them if you want my business all I ask is if you ever tell me his time is up, you will agree to drive the 5 miles to my farm. She smiled, shock her head yes and said hopefully that conversation is a long way down the road. Hopefully it is...
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Re: Just what feelings do you have for your dog?

Postby ANick » Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:00 pm

With each of the pups that I've brought home there's been a moment, usually on the drive home but once as a kid the drive was only about 10 minutes so that one was actually at home, when the pup turned to me with a big question on that little face. Some will no doubt look at that as being a pup, suddenly missing all of its familiar surroundings, making overtures of nice-nice to whatever or whomever might be a source of protection, etc., etc. For all of that being true in my mind, when that little tongue comes out to lick the fingers, it has always seemed to me to be one of a very binding pact between the two of us.
Days in the field, and with my first it was literally, in the field as a farm/bird dog, at home or other, they have been much of the 'better' in the better part of my life.
Don't ask me where I rate them against people as the answer might shed some doubt on my mental processes. However, were you to ask of my family or friends, they would probably softly shake their heads and usually with a soft chuckle mention, 'dogs' and family.... and not get too emphatic on which is the priority.
They've learned some things well. Surprised me with some things they learned. Humbled me with their patience. Piled disgust upon my humiliation with a bad day of shooting... I will *never* believe that a dog is just as happy if a bird never falls.. (smart *ssed pup). Always there with a bounce and a wag on the lousy days that come up now and then.

And on the worst days.
I've found them in the morning on their bed, having lugged one of my boots there, something not done since months old.. nose cool and ribs still.
Come back inside after spending the morning sun rise to warm us early watchers, slowly, over to the bed... and swiftly then slide from my reach..
But as with the one time at the vet, as wet cheeked as the Doc's easing that hurting gray muzzle along , the last two these, that no longer small but still tender tongue reaching out for my fingers one last time..

Road to Tinkhamtown and quotes of George Bird Evans seem to apply to some degree at least.
Any more, in my mind's eye at least, when I'm out with the new pup, when the setting is just so, I can see those older pups in their glory days cavorting along with the new kid. Perhaps as they should. Maybe it is imagination again at work, but I recall moping around after what I thought would be my last one and hitting on the thought that I needed to look at some puppy pictures. Chuckling to myself after a bit as my few ghosts of the past jostled one another to look over the chair arm at potentials.
If my dogs are haunting me, they are as big-hearted now as ever they were. And that.. they were.
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Re: Just what feelings do you have for your dog?

Postby K Locke » Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:47 am

Sometimes my family gives me a hard time and says I love my dog more than my wife. This is not even a little true but I play along as if it were so. My love for my dog doesn’t compare to her love for me. When I’m home she will not let me out of her sight. She may be hungry or thirsty but if I’m in the bedroom she will be in the bedroom. When I go into the bathroom she sits outside the door until I come out. It’s like her need to be with me overrides all other needs (except wild game and cats). I will consciously stand beside her water and food bowl to make sure she eats when I’m home. She will glare over her shoulder to make sure I’m still standing behind her and then proceed eating.
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Re: Just what feelings do you have for your dog?

Postby orhunter » Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:36 am

K Locke: Sounds familiar with my Cassie. All hunting trips that start where I live, involve a considerable drive down I-84 to the east. Cassie would sit next to me on the truck seat, my right hand could always find her there. If I took my hand away and put it on the steering wheel, I'd get the stare. She had huge sad looking brown eyes to stare with. If I forgot about her for a while, I'd look to my right and there was that stare. If I would ignore her, a paw would reach out and latch onto my arm to pull it toward her. All she wanted was that human touch but she wanted it all the time. I miss my Cassie.
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Re: Just what feelings do you have for your dog?

Postby Tom in WI » Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:51 pm

Yes, I love my dog and my dog worships the ground I walk on. My wife is glad the dog and I found each other.
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