Sportdog 1825 Problems

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Sportdog 1825 Problems

Postby jdubya » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:26 pm

A liitle background first: I have two Sportdog 1825 Collars. I run one on my dogs neck and the other is used as a flank collar. We did the Rick Smith Whoa post method for teaching whoa. The system works great! We generally operate on a one low around the yard when training. When we get out in the field it sometimes goes to 2 low or 3 low but not to often.

Now here is my problem. I don't think the collars are working correctly. I noticed an unusual response from my dog while using the flank collar. She always stopped on a one low. But then one day one low didn't work. I thought I forgot to turn the collar on. I checked and it was on. I tried again and nothing with a one low. I went to 2 low and she stopped but it was a much harder stop than on a one low. Not quicker but just a stop that showed she really felt the stim. At home, I took the collar off checked it with my test light and it appeared to be working okay. However, I don't think it is delivering consistent stim. I used it on my hand and I felt varying levels of stim. Sometimes I would feel a gradual increase from 1 low to 4 low. Other times I wouldn't feel anything until I got to four low. Or I would get jolted with say a 4 low level of stim on a 2 low level. I compared the level of stim from my flank collar to the neck collar and it feels like there is a one level difference in stim between the collars. So a 1 low on the flank collar is a 2 low on the neck collar. First question: Shouldn't they produce the exact same level of stim when they are set at the same level? There are times when I give a 1 low stim and it doesn't even seems like she feels it. I have seen her react before so I know she has felt it in the past. My second question: is my hand a good method for testing the level of stim coming from the collar?

Oddly enough, I had this same thing happen with a brand new Sportdog 1825 back in July and they replaced it, not questions asked. I noticed a couple of weeks ago the same thing happening again to the replaced collar and the (new) neck collar. I called sportdog, relayed the problem again and then sent me two new collars, again no questions asked as they were under warranty. But now I am having the same issues. Am I going crazy? What are the chances of this happening again? I know what I feel on my hand and what I see from my dog but this is driving me nuts. I am trying to train but I don't have confidence in the collars and I am worried I may be over stimming my dog which isn't fair to her. Are there any other Sportdog 1825 owners on here that have had issues like this? Could this be operator error somehow? I turn them on, put them on my dog, train, take them off and turn them off. How hard is that? I have made sure they are fully charged, I have paired and repaired and reset them to factory defaults but I still feel they are not operating properly. If anyone can shed any light, suggestions, experiences, etc. I would greatly appreciate it!
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Re: Sportdog 1825 Problems

Postby Doc E » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:40 pm

"Sportdog" is JUNK.
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Re: Sportdog 1825 Problems

Postby blue04 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:15 pm

Doc E wrote:"Sportdog" is JUNK.

This is not helpful.

jdubya: I've seen this happen before with various brands of collars when either 1) the collar had some sort of electronic circuitry problem (not the most likely cause in my experience) or 2) the battery in the collar is weak or malfunctioning. In my experience #2 is the more likely scenario. I've successfully sorted #2 by changing the battery in the collar. How long a collar should be able to go without a battery change (assuming it's not defective in some way) is determined by how many charge/discharge cycles it's been through. The more times you charge and drain it, the sooner it will need to be replaced.

I'm sure there are a myriad of other potential causes, but these are the two that I've experienced. If you have a voltmeter with memory, you might also try checking the max stim level on the various settings for both collars. FWIW, not all collars will deliver exactly the same stim level at the same transmitter setting. There shouldn't be a 4 level stim difference as you describe, but they likely won't be identical from collar to collar.
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Re: Sportdog 1825 Problems

Postby JONOV » Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:23 pm

Call Sportdog and troubleshoot; they were helpful with me and sent out a replacement collar.

I had issues with the range...something malfunctioned and the range dropped to about 8 feet...which was confusing when I’d test it on the kitchen table.
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Re: Sportdog 1825 Problems

Postby Densa44 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 4:23 pm

If you have lost confidence in the collar don't put it back on the dog. You can probably get the response that you want with just one on the neck and just use the buzz. You have tested them and they aren't working correctly and until you are sure that they are don't put them on your dog!

The more experienced the dog the less you need them anyway.
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Re: Sportdog 1825 Problems

Postby huntindog1 » Tue Mar 13, 2018 2:09 pm

The collars usually come with a test light you can tell by the intensity of the light how much power is being delivered. Try the same light on both collars and see if the light at each level looks similar.

If there is intermittent pulses it should show on the light also.

There are several factors on how much will be delivered to your dog. How tight the collar is and how much of the probe is touching the skin and when the dog moves that all can change. The stimulation can still be felt if not touching skin perfectly but it most likely wont be as strong so there are a number of factors.

If you feel like the collar is not touching as well then bump up one number.

These devices are not precise in their use its just general stimulation.

I usually don't stimulate my dog that much as once they know it can give a stimulation then the vibrate mode is enough of a reminder.
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