Steadying up a dog to wing shoot and fall...your favorite me

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Re: Steadying up a dog to wing shoot and fall...your favorit

Postby Bruce Schwartz » Sun Jan 28, 2018 8:52 pm

I'm not familiar with Perfect Start/Finish and don't remember much about Delmar Smith's but the following is what I've used over the years and find it's pretty fool proof and easy on both dog and trainer. It's based on a program that Jim Marti wrote about a number of years ago (before use of ecollars) and it has to do with teaching "stop-to-flush". Likely it's the basis of other methods because it works so well.

Basically you take a hike with the dog and every so often throw a pigeon out of your pocket and say "whoa" and probably use some low level collar continuous stim simultaneously until the dog stops. (Having preliminarily taught "whoa" and proofed it with the collar helps a lot). Also use starter pistol liberally to get him to associate the gun with the bird going up. Check cord not necessary, but helpful if dog is prone to chasing. After awhile it won't be needed.

Next hike down-wind and release pigeons from traps every so often out in front of you and repeat the "whoa" and low level stim when the bird goes up. As time goes on the dog will whoa automatically whenever a bird goes up from anywhere.

Next, hike cross-wind and when the dog points you release the bird from the trap, shoot blank, etc. After doing this a few days you can start killing a bird or two.

I think this is pretty safe and it allows you to correct for transgressions in the field in the future as your dog will likely need an occasional tune up. The dog will not associate the collar correction with birds, rather for not whoaing. Good luck.
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Re: Steadying up a dog to wing shoot and fall...your favorit

Postby GONEHUNTIN' » Sun Jan 28, 2018 9:13 pm

That's a solid method Bruce.
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Re: Steadying up a dog to wing shoot and fall...your favorit

Postby gundog » Tue Jan 30, 2018 6:04 am

PL_Guy wrote:West Gibbons process. Search this forum - there are lots of posts. Jere

I found the "Training with Mo" book helpful, which follows this process.
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