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Re: HERE training?

Postby AverageGuy » Sun Nov 26, 2017 7:34 am

Sere Nate,

On this theme of blending heel and here, I train a hand signal associated with Heel. I use my left hand motioning to the ground on my left side to indicate to the dog where I want it come in all the way to Heel, and Heel also means walk with its head along side my left knee as I walk. Similar to what Kiger2 posted, there are times while upland hunting where I may tone my dog to come in closer to me, once we have visual on each other I may not require the dog to close in all the way to Heel but rather I am walking in the direction I want to go and the dog moves out ahead of me in that direction. There are other instances where when I tone the dog, I want it to return all the way in and sit at Heel at my left. When I want that, I use the Heel hand signal I have trained to indicate to the dog it should come all the way into Heel. It will be helpful to you and your dog if you envision how you want your finished dog to handle and then train for that consistently along the way.
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