Hole in training

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Re: Hole in training

Postby daeion » Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:25 pm

Hunters Edge wrote:
daeion wrote:
Hunters Edge wrote:Did you give her/him the command to sit? If so and you did not give her/him another command or a release command, and he/she is releasing itself or ignoring your command? This is your hole.

You are going to need help, not just the dog. First thing is if you give a dog command they are not permitted to break that command (especially if they know it). Your training should revolve around this simple rule.

Once you have that in mind and practice it religiously, I would use a place mat. Start in the house and continue extending the time on it, then move it to the backyard. A small rug that can be rolled up when not in use and can be used in the house, backyard, duck blind, boat or even on a bank, would not only suffice but works great. Eventually the dog will understand and the rug can be washed and put away for your next pups training.

I'll give the sit command and she'll sit, and then after 1-3 minutes she breaks without being given the release command. I'll tell her again to sit, and she sits, and then eventually breaks again. I had been doing it with her food, make her sit, put down the food, and then make her wait before releasing her but she's not very food motivated so it wasn't that hard for her to sit there.

Do not use food, exception would be a treat after she stayed there and a release command. Also are you using a placement rug, in actual or real world placement is a raised platform from 4 to 6 inches to help the dog understand. So use a small rug not your hole carpeted room, but a small rug. In the house I even used their dog bed, eventually they curl up and lay down.

So how are you reinforcing your command when she releases herself? First though get a PLACEMAT, even a small rug just not a hard or bristled mat. Start off short and keep extending time.

Again when she breaks your command and moves, what is your response?

Sorry, was up north with a bad signal. When she breaks I immediately say no! and then tell her to sit again. As this is my first dog I've been working with a trainer, who is currently out of the country, and they taught her that to turn off the e-collar she had to come when called, but I haven't used it for anything else and I don't want to screw things up by using it wrong. It sounds like I need to do place training from what people are describing?
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Re: Hole in training

Postby JONOV » Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:41 pm

I'm no trainer, but nicking a dog that has no confusion on what sit means shouldn't screw up anything.
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