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Postby Hunters Edge » Tue Jul 22, 2008 9:56 pm

A good rule of thumb is 15% to 20% of fat to whatever lean meat you are making burger with. This will allow cooking without falling apart or burning. Suet or beef fat is ok for this use and adds a little taste and also keeps for long stays in the freezer. Pork in the freezer can become rancid and break down but there is nothing better to add pork butt and the same percentage to get a good tasting burger and no burning but shelf life is limited. A good freezer wrap paper tight, then inserted in freezer bags usually takes care of any freezer burn but pork can break down even in the freezer and has a much shorter shelf life.

If your planning on making sausage then add the percentage in breakfast sausage to your taste they have different flavors but it will add the fat and the spices to help in preperation for the final dish. You will have to experiment to what flavor you or your family like when added but it can add quite a bit of difference in the final product.

If you use straight venison and no fat keep the flame/heat low and add a little butter. To be purist is to add some type of fat because ultimately that is hamburger, chuck etc with suet to produce hamburger.
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