NE: 4+ intact dogs may mean you are a commercial breeder

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NE: 4+ intact dogs may mean you are a commercial breeder

Postby spinster » Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:55 am

Nebraska Set to Approve Further Regulations on All Dog Breeders
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[Thursday, February 02, 2012]

Legislative Bill 427, and amendments adopted by the Agriculture Committee seek to further regulate “commercial dog breeders” in Nebraska.

Current law defines “commercial breeders” as anyone who owns or harbors four or more intact dogs or cats, who sells at least 31 dogs and cats per year, whose dogs/cats produce four or more litters per year, or who knowingly sells or leases dogs/cats for later retail sale or brokered trade.

While the AKC appreciates the numerous amendments made to this bill to remove restrictive breeding regulations, a major concern still remains. With this low threshold in current law, LB 427 would require anyone who owns four intact dogs over the age of six months – which includes many pet owners – to comply with regulations designed for large commercial kennels. Specific requirements that are appropriate for large commercial enterprises may not be appropriate or compatible with ordinary pet ownership, ownership of hunting or working dogs, or small-scale hobby breeding activities that would be regulated by this measure.
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