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Re: New member, New dog questions

Postby ANick » Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:06 pm

For any one person, or family, the needs vary. Lots of versatile breeds get used for mainly one aspect of their abilities with a dabbling in one other. In the US the term 'versatile' tends to mean something on the order of, 'hunts upland and waterfowl'. Not throwing rocks at NAVHDA, but that's all the tests there really cover.

So, in a sense, if you are doing fur and waterfowl, you are sort of balancing the scales. If at some point you or the kids want to go after upland, the option is there.

I'd include the Watchelhund, the KLM, DL, PP and the DK in your deliberations ... with a good amount of due consideration of hunting climates and temps. Lots of choices, but if you are set on and liking the DD, I don't see a foul. :)

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Re: New member, New dog questions

Postby AverageGuy » Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:58 pm

I think what matters most is to give a dog the most work in the field as possible.

Your plans will be using the dog to hunt fur, waterfowl and blood track so that can provide alot of outings and versatile use. I think most DD breeders would be comfortable placing a dog with you with that plan. If you choose you can easily mix in some upland bird work along the way, either in your travels or released birds locally. If you are traveling to hunt hunt waterfowl it is easy to go to areas which have excellent upland bird hunting in the same area and you may find you want to work some in, in which case it is nice to have a dog with the aptitude for it.

Covering 3 of the 4 bases with alot of work would not waste a DD, or some other breed, in my view. Trained for the task DDs are good at tracking blood, Teckels are better, but the DD is going to far surpass a Teckel for Waterfowl retrieving.

Best of luck with your decision and pup.
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Re: New member, New dog questions

Postby mtlhdr » Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:56 am

Why not another lab?
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