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Re: Breed Advice Needed

Postby ANick » Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:10 pm

Highlander wrote:my DK grew up next to a mama cat and her kitty.
She knew that they where part of the tribe and did not mess with the mama cat, but loved playing around the kitty. They were buddies.


Also keep in mind that DK's are as capable water hunters as any other Continental breeds. (if not batter in my opinion)

I say DK batter is too lumpy. :)

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Re: Breed Advice Needed

Postby jarbo03 » Mon Nov 27, 2017 12:44 am

Sarge wrote:Thanks all have me adequately convinced that the DD is going to have to wait until after the cats are gone. After reading up on PP's and Griffons I think I'm leaning more toward the Griffons...seems like they would suit my style of hunting a little better. Any breeders you all recommend? I live near Kansas City and would like to work with a breeder in the midwest so I can at least drive out to take a look at the parents in a hunting situation before making a decision.


If interested I have a griff you could meet and check out, live between Lawrence and KC. Could also help you find a pup, got Taz not too far from you. I will say though, his desire to kill fur and want cats is high, he is east to control and stop, but as stated, wouldn't trust him alone. He was never around cats at a young age of in a family environment, I feel that would have kept him from being that way.
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