Garmin Alpha 100 mapping options

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Garmin Alpha 100 mapping options

Postby mgrucker » Wed Aug 09, 2017 6:31 pm

I'm getting my Alpha 100 soon and can't find answers to a few questions about maps. I found the onX Hunt maps and they look they have all the information I want. The feature it lacks though is that their map isn't routable so there are no driving directions. For that it looks like I need the Garmin Topo 24k maps or the Garmin HuntView Map. I have some concerns about the HuntView map (which theoretically does almost everything I want) because I can't find out if it has WIA data or how often it's updated, Garmin support wasn't able to answer this.

That leaves me with the idea of having both Garmin Topo 24k for routing and the onX map for everything else. To use both I would have to install the Garmin Topo 24k to the unit itself so I can use the onX chip in the SD slot. I cannot get a straight answer from Garmin as to whether the Garmin Topo 24k can be installed to the unit or not though. The data I have found is:

This says Topo 24k North Central is 1665 segments and there is a link below that says the Alpha 100 can hold "approximately 3,500 mapping segments" ... cI6N0YFfD6

This says the Topo 24k North Central requires 8GB

And this says the Alpha 100 has 4GB of memory

So by segments it sounds like it should work but by storage it sounds like it won't. Has anybody tried this to know if it's possible or not?
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Re: Garmin Alpha 100 mapping options

Postby Willie T » Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:17 am

I don't know if this will help you or not. I have the Astro 430. I used a 32 gig micro SD card and was able to download enough Birdseye satellite imagery maps to cover the areas I hunt in Texas, Oklahoma, and North Dakota. A pain to set up but nice once I got it downloaded.
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