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Re: Crossbreds

Postby JONOV » Wed Jun 21, 2017 8:59 am

Just-a-bird-hunter wrote:VDD/ German Wirehair differences as I understand them. The VDD practices very strict breeding with infusion from various lines when needed. When the German Wirehair/Drathaar (sp?) came over to this country breeders did not practice this strict line breeding and so, in the VDD's mind, they are not eligible for breeding in their system. The dogs produced would not be eligible for VDD registration but will still be eligible for NAVDHA or AKC.

Its my understanding that they don't really care about the linebreeding as long as the parents come from the VDD registration, they care that the dogs have passed minimum performance and health tests, and also there are a couple rules about color crossing (they don't want a schwarzschimmel breeding to another schwarzschimmel.)
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