What's allowed in your household?

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Re: What's allowed in your household?

Postby ANick » Thu May 04, 2017 2:32 am

Counter surfing.. aye, the butter dish. I bought a box of mousetraps and laid them out every 8 inches or so on the kitchen counters, a couple of table and bookshelf edges. She popped of a few chain reactions. Kinda hard to keep a straight face when you heard the mouse traps go off... a long moment of absolute silence and then slow steps and hanging head as she'd come out of that room. She's pretty much past that phase it seems, after only firing off a very few traps.

Every now and then I'll find one I've forgotten about and jump up and down when it bites my little finger... swear her tail wags faster.

The chair, well, the one in the living room. She'll give it up when I come in to watch the tube, but that usually means she gets to flop down in the lap, or play 'blanket', belly up so it can get a rub.

The bed? Sure. The alarm is set to a station she hates. She wakes up, sticks a cold nose in my ear so I'll wake up and go shut it off.

Kitchen? What 5 second rule?

I know. Pretty harsh.
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Re: What's allowed in your household?

Postby overit2 » Thu May 04, 2017 11:24 am

Run of the house, he's 7 months. Hasn't destroyed much in terms of furniture and such. A couple pillows he nooks have become ugly looking-he sleeps w/us in bed and ocassionaly in his kennel next to our bed. He's allowed on couches. Haven't caught him counter surfing except for once, hasn't broken into the trashcans yet.

We do call him Bob the Builder or our favorite "Mad Scientist" as he tends to find all kinds of things in the yard and around the house and brings them to his 'lab' - a piece of wood, sticks, screws in a sealed bag (we take those away), an outdoor garden light or ornament, bones, old toy buried in the yard from my previous dog that I hadn't seen in 6 years- some clothing or dirty knapkin from laundry room, a shoe or two from the teens, some seashells from outside, an empty can of cat food, and he'll go back/forth and run in out of his 'lab' (in the garage)- it's actually hilarious to watch lol. You can hear cling/clang/bang going on until he tires out. That dog can make a quicker mess in the house then 3 toddlers combined- BUT he doesn't destroy things if that makes sense.

Yeah I think that 'alpha' thing is overrated- we both know how to handle dogs, though admittedly this Weim is the most challenge we've had-he doesn't try to 'alpha' either of us. He's sweet, his compliant and he's also stubborn and mishievious and silly.
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