Shooting smaller gauges.

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Re: Shooting smaller gauges.

Postby JONOV » Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:17 pm

Duckdon wrote:I use a12ga because I shoot it best. I use a 10Ga on waterfowl, why, because the 8 ga is illegal.
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When I first got into hunting, I was a one gun man, simply because it was all I could afford. I shot a lot of trap, and everything else, with that gun. Its neither cheap nor nice looking. When I want to kill birds and make sure they die, that's what I take. I haven't had much trouble shooting up meat to where I can't eat it, but then i rarely shoot with anything tighter than a modified choke.

I was given as a gift, a 28 gauge, that I've been taking out on planted birds. My wife also prefers this gun when she joins me. I'm not as competent as I am with the 12 gauge.

I have seen plenty of people that are very deadly with the 28 or .410. I am not one of them. I accept that as one of my many shortcomings as an outdoorsman.

The other part of this is practice. It takes me some practice to get competent with a gun, or at least as competent as I would like. 28 gauge shells are expensive. 12 gauge, not so much.
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Re: Shooting smaller gauges.

Postby stubblejumper » Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:48 am

I have now added a 16 gauge to my stable. It is a larger gauge than I prefer to use, but a deal came up on a Grulla 216RB , that was just too good to pass up. This gun will not be my go to gun, but I will carry it when I have newer shooters, or less skilled shooters that need back up.The chokes are IC and IM, and after some testing, I am finding that breaking clays at 50 yards is very doable, so I should be able to knock birds down at considerable distances as well.
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