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AKC JH test

Postby josie » Mon Jan 29, 2007 11:06 am


I have some v naive questions on this, if someone can humor me and answer them...

As I understand it, at JH level your dog doesn't have to be steady at the flush, is that right? So, the dog would go on point, the handler would attempt to go in front of the dog to find the bird and flush it, but if the dog broke during any of this, it doesn't matter. Is that right? Your dog's just being scored on finding the birds, and possibly on the point, right?

If that is right...

What would they think if someone came over with a dog trained in the UK. The dog would point. Then handler could then either command the dog to flush (how would that be seen, if steadiness is not considered?), or could attempt to go in front of the dog and flush the bird him/herself. If they did this, I strongly suspect that a dog not used to the handler in front would creep forwards or break. The dog would then sit when the bird flushed. Again, how would this be seen, do you think?

How often are AKC hunt tests held and who holds them? Is it the AKC themselves, or is it individual clubs and organisations who hold them under AKC rules? How do you find out where and when the tests will be?

How many passes does a dog need to get the title? I think it's 3 or 4 - which is it? If someone was in a rush to get the title, let's say because they're flying back to the UK pretty soon, what's the minimum time do you think it would take to get? (With a reasonable amount of driving about to go to tests, but not from one end of the country to the other.)

Thank you!
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Postby chicago0517 » Mon Jan 29, 2007 12:11 pm

The nuts and bolts of the JH are:
- point and hold point for a few seconds on a couple of birds
- fire a blank pistol to show no gun shyness
- independently search cover and areas likely to hold birds (very limited handling by a handler)
- successfully complete it four times, all on different days

I haven't been doing this long enough to know the JH's legacy, but I think there's a solid (not majority, but strong) feeling that the JH is a worthless title. Over run with show folks and weekend warriors looking to tag a "hunting" title to a dog in order to up a stud/puppy price.

Assuming your dog does everything you say above the JH wouldn't show you anything you don't know. So whether you need it or want to do it it's up to you.

All that said, if you spoke and coordinated with the local club's test coordinator ahead of time and told them what your dog was capable of and why you were testing, etc they may work with you. There are handful of good folks in the AKC testing system. Local clubs run the tests.

Hope that helps. You can find a complete list of hunt tests and field trials on the AKC's website.
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Postby josie » Mon Jan 29, 2007 12:15 pm

Cheers v helpful :)
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Postby Steve Anker » Mon Jan 29, 2007 8:34 pm

"It izz what it izzz"


Back at the beginnings of the AKC Hunt Test creation the progressive categories represented a tiered system with Junior Hunter being the entry level starting step. Try as they might, the creators tried to present a gradual curve of advancing titles, JR Hunter, Senior Hunter and last Master Hunter culminating in a finished refined seasoned hunting dog.

Juniors- well it's the base, the start step, a forgiving guide to gauge a dogs desire and willingness to seek and point gamebirds. (for further titles)
Has it been forsaken? Watered down? Slack? Maybe, but it was intended
to get folks in the game and provide a place to START.

I can recall the first JH test we ever ran, I had a stone cold broke/backing/darn near finished 11 month old dog (GSP) and I was disapointed at the fact that the other dog was running amok, bump and grabb, foiling my best efforts to set the world on fire with a stellar performance. (first time out) We were way too prep'd for this level and MISSED the whole meaning of the JH level. 'Couldn't see the forest for the trees.

Although I clearly remember the Judging as being tougher than it is presently. Dogs had to be under control as well as find/point game/stand for shot, needless to say my bracemate went home w/o orange satin, we Q'd with average scores despite multi-finds and a back. Clearly different than todays routine.

JH -worthless-NO, it izzz what it izzz-the beginnings of a hunt test title progression and a cool place to spend a weekend in the woods on gamebirds learning basics.

Can't start at the top with a new young dog and handler-
JH fits, take it for what it's worth.
Steve "HOSS" Anker
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Steve Anker
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Postby josie » Tue Jan 30, 2007 10:40 am

Thanks Steve.

The thing is - I would love to come over and run in some tests. There just aren't tests which lead to titles in the UK, only competitive trials. But the problem is that there's a marked difference between what our dogs are trained to do, to be successful in trials, and what US dogs are trained to do for either tests or trials. So it's hard to be in both systems and I wouldn't want to write us out of the UK system by only training US methods. So that just leaves very early tests, like JH and natural ability testing.
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Postby 06450f » Sat Mar 29, 2008 4:47 pm

If i read it correctly to don't need to work through the levels......if your dog is ready you can test him for master if you like.
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Postby SwitchGrassWPG » Sat Mar 29, 2008 5:05 pm

Passes don't need to be on different days, just different tests. For example, the Southern Kansas Brittany Club and Sunflower GSP Club are holding their tests in conjunction with each other the last weekend in April. There are four tests this weekend and if your dog is successful each test, a JH could be completed in just 2 days.

Additionally, you dog must be AKC registered.

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Postby zzweims » Sat Mar 29, 2008 5:12 pm

What about NAVHDA? The natural ability test is a bit more difficult than the JH and you only have to do it once to receive a title. (dogs must also track a pheasant and swim)

Is it a weim you are planning to run? Join the WCA and do a ratings test. Again, you only have to pass once to receive a title. The NSD, SD, and SDX titles roughly correspond to the JH, SH, and MH titles for pointing breeds--tho slightly easier. In addition, there are the NRD, RD, and RDX titles with correspond to the JH, SH, and MH titles for retrieving breeds (again, not quite as difficult).

In fact, all AKC hunting test titles, both pointing and retrieving, are based on the WCA ratings, which have been around for many decades. Those of you who have been doing hunt tests since their inseption will remember that most, if not all, of the original judges were weimaraner people.

The GSP club now has similar ratings tests. Not sure of the other breeds.

Aline Curran
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Postby Hunters Edge » Mon Apr 14, 2008 7:59 pm

NAVHDA is a different test but they put a age limit of 16 months otherwise your just using it for evaluation and dog will not prize if your over 16 months of age. JH their is no age limit but both to recieve your qualifications should be able to register it in either. Now you can run SH or MH or in NAVHDA UPT or UT but in these if the dog was ready it would be easier in NAVHDA because it is one day and you could run the test Sat and Sun and if you passed one of those days well you just got a UT on the dog, whether UT I, II, or II all of which is a great dog but most look for the coveted UT I.

The rd, rdx, ns nsd etc.. are wiem based tests and you have to have a weim and be a member of the national club. A better person to explain that would be someone with a weim and in the club. Here is a little the club holds these through the country and they also hold a national event but it is run in a day pass or fail. To get a water ratings test NRD,RD, RDX it is first ran on land for retrieving if you pass that portion you move to water and if you pass that you can achieve these titles.

The biggest is looking into what or how to become a member of either NAVHDA, AKC and the WCA or all of them. Good luck but I would check out their sites www.navhda.org www.akc.org and google the Wiemeriener Club of America please check my spelling for Wiem.
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