WA: Missing GWP in Snohomish Co.

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WA: Missing GWP in Snohomish Co.

Postby spinster » Mon Dec 03, 2012 7:39 am

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DOG LOST -Bartell's@Aurora&148th (Lynnwood - unincorp. Snohomish Co.)
Date: 2012-12-03, 2:21AM PST
DOG LOST -Bartell's@Aurora&148th (Lynnwood - unincorp. Snohomish Co.)

We've lost our 'son', a 7 year old German Wire-Haired Pointer named Bo-Bo. He weighs approx. 125lbs, he's a fairly large dog with a brown shaggy coat (white or gray underhair showing through) and has wispy bits of hair over his eyes & forming a bit of a moustache or beard. He is a total meat-head (an excellent & dedicated hunting dog, but no rocket-scientist, alas!) but he is family and his family is going mental with worry. Bo-Bo suffers from a kind of separation anxiety; not so bad when he is at home but kicks into high gear when left in a vehicle, either chewing up the interior or chewing his way OUT! He is likely fairly freaked-out at being lost; our other dog, his younger 'sister' is unconsolable. Bo-Bo is sweet-tempered & if you stay calm & call him in a friendly manner, he should allow you to approach him or take hold of his collar. Our baby is microchipped but unfortunately was wearing his plain, orange collar with no tags or license when he got lost.

On Friday November 30 at approx. 8:00pm Bo-Bo escaped from the back of our truck as we were getting something to eat next to the Bartell's Drugstore located at Aurora/Hwy. 99 & 148th (opposite the Safeway Gas Stn.) in 'Lynwood' - I've been told that that bit is technically unincorporated Snohomish County but the mistake is easy to make if you don't live nearby. We live in 'Bothell' -actually our home is in unincorporated Snohomish County also!- several miles distant from the location where he went missing (and across a freeway). Bo-Bo is unfamiliar with the area in which he got lost, unused to traffic, and has no hope of finding his own way home. Bo-Bo has not been seen/we have not had any news of him nor reported sighting beyond the immediate time of his disappearance: we are sick with worry, can you help?

We have been driving 'round & 'round the area (with no idea which direction to head) posting fliers & speaking with passersby. ANY tips/reports/help will be gratefully received. We are so worried that he could be injured or that he is hiding & afraid & has been outside for all this time -overnight when the temperature just plummets.
(-THANK-YOU to everyone who accepted a flier, expressed concern &/or promised to alert friends & keep their eyes peeled for us!).

THERE IS A CASH REWARD to the person who finds Bo-Bo & reunites us with our missing 'son'!...
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Re: WA: Missing GWP in Snohomish Co.

Postby Seacowboy » Mon Dec 03, 2012 12:14 pm

Hoping for the best for you all. Keep looking and stay positive.
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