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New Tracking Book Available

Postby Wildflugel » Tue Nov 18, 2003 2:54 pm

(I put this same information on the tracking thread, it probably should have been listed here to start with. Sorry for the duplicate listing.)

For those interested, there is a new book available titled "Tracking Dogs for Finding Wounded Deer" by John Jeanneney. For those who are not familar with John, he was one of the individuals who was instrumental in getting Deer Search established in the State of New York, making it legal for qualified people to use leashed dogs to assit in the recovery of wounded and/or dead deer.

For your information, I have listed a few chapters and some of material that is covered in the book:

Chapter 1
General Tracking Techniques 9
Collars, Harnesses and Leashes 9
Your First Deer Call 13
Dead Spots 15
Marking Tape 15 Crossing a Field 16
Cold Tracking 17
Hills 18
Fresh, Bright Blood on the Trail 18
Distractions of Wildlife 19
Night Work 21
Putting Down Live Wounded Deer 23
Reward 25

Chapter 8
Basic Training for Blood Tracking 113
First Principles 113
Motivating a Dog to Track and Find 114
The Desire to Please 117
Training Variations 118
Collecting Deer Blood and Laying the Blood Line 119
Marking the Line 123
How Old Should the Training Line Be? 125
Patterns for Laying Training Lines 127
Tracking Leashes 128
Tracking Accuracy 129
Frequency of Training Sessions 130
Finding the Time 131
Psychological Foundations 131

Chapter 9
Advanced Training for Blood Tracking 135
Blind Lines as a Reality Check 136
Hot Lines 137
Working Speed 138
Wind, Rain and Darkness 139 Working Several Dogs on the Same Training Line 140
Orders of Priority in Training Versatile Hunting Dogs 140
Adolescence 142
Training Older Dogs 142
Physical and Psychological Conditioning 144
From Training to Live Tracking and Back Again 146
Gun-Shyness 147
American Perspectives on European Training Methods 148
European Off Lead Methods 150

Chapter 11
Special Tracking Situations I:
Wounds in the Body Cavity 173
Chest Wounds: Archery 175
Overview 175
Signs of Chest Wounds 175
Physical Characteristics of Chest Wounds
in Bowhunting 176
Head-on Shots into the Front of the Chest 178
Finding Chest-shot Deer 179
Chest Wounds Made by Firearms 186
Overview 186
Signs of Chest Wounds 187
Physical Characteristics of Chest Wounds 188
Finding Chest-shot Deer: Firearms 188
Gut Shots: Stomach, Liver, Kidney and Intestines 188 Overview 188
Signs of a Gut Shot: Archery and Firearms 189
Physical Characteristics of Gut Shots 190
Finding Gut-shot Deer 192

Chapter 12
Special Tracking Situations II:
Wounds Outside the Body Cavity 197
Leg Wounds: Archery and Firearms 197
Overview 197
Signs of Leg Wounds 198
Physical Characteristics of Leg Wounds 198
Tactics for Recovering Deer with Broken Legs 199
High Back Wounds 200
Overview 200
Signs of a High Back Hit 201
Physical Characteristics of High Back Hits 202
Tactics for Dealing with High Back Shots 204
Head Shots, Jaw Shots: Firearms 205
Overview 205
Signs of a Jaw Injury 206
Methods of Tracking and Taking a Jaw-shot Deer 206
Neck Shots 206
Overview 206
Signs of a Neck Hit 207
Physical Characteristics of Neck Wounds 207
Tactics for Doing the Best You Can on Neck
Shots 208
Muscle Wounds: Archery and Firearms 208
Overview 208
Muscle Wounds and Blood Sign 208
Tactics for Dealing with Muscle Wounds 209
What Does the Amount of Blood on the Ground
Tell Us? 210
What Does the Hair at the Hit Site Tell Us? 211

I just received my copy and found it to be very comprehensive and informative. To my knowledge, this is the first book written in English on this particular subject. The book sells for $24.95 (plus $5.00 shipping). Anyone that is interested in ordering the book or seeing additional details, go to

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