6 hole custome built trailer

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6 hole custome built trailer

Postby Ike » Wed Sep 25, 2013 9:31 pm

Hi all,

I have a custom built 6 hole dog trailer. This is a large trailer with plenty of room. Could easily hold two dogs per box on 5 of the box's. The trailer has a roof rack and is strong enough to load a 4 wheeler on the top. I have also added a 12volt swamp cooler for those hot summer days. The swamp cooler works amazing, The tires are all good and the spare has never been mounted. The trailer is only three years old. I honestly love this trailer and hate to sell it, but it has literally sat for a year now and has not moved. I mostly just hauled 1-3 dogs and all our camping or hunting gear. Three of the doors are big enough to easily fit full size decoy bags. The marine battery was new last year but I am not sure how good it is now that it has sat out side over winter. The swamp cooler runs off a regular 12volt care battery and is set up to charge off tow vehicle. The box's divide down the middle as you can see from the pics so you can make them full with if you want to be able to use the full width of the trailer.
If you have any questions or need better pics just send me an email. Since graduating and getting a full time job I just don't have much time so I won't be able to check back here often so email is really the best way to get me. popestev@isu,edu
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