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Public Comment on Federal Lands

Postby bhennessy » Sun May 21, 2017 9:27 am

The Interior Department is soliciting public comments while it under goes its study of various National Monuments designations and whether to endorse the wishes of a greedy minority, primarily in Utah, and roll back federal protections for over 20 National Monuments.

This is just step one. Don't be fooled into believing that it will stop at simply turning these lands back into federal lands of a lesser status. The goal, as demonstrated by congress passing a law last year that allows for transfer (not sale) of federal lands to the states without consideration of market value, is a land grab of epic proportions.

These lands have been ours to hunt, fish and enjoy for hundreds of years. And yes, some few have received increased protection from development and ranching through National Monument status. All presidents have made these designations for the good of the Nation. We, not some nameless, faceless federal government own these lands and have for generations.

Now greedy state governments, under the guidance of business that would develop and destroy our lands, want to take them from us. This is bad enough, but it's doubly insulting that they of course don't want to reimburse us for generations of tax dollars that have gone to fighting fires, managing wildlife and access, etc.

One bright spot: an overwhelming majority of the population in all western states except Utah (where it's within the margin of error) don't support undesignatiing or transferring these federal lands to the states.

Comment now at: and make your voices heard. These are our lands and our children's lands to hunt, fish and enjoy.
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