Deutscher Wachtelhund

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Re: Deutscher Wachtelhund

Postby Wildman » Sun Jul 10, 2016 8:18 pm

The coyote over here are between the fox and Wolf in size and habit a very big one would run about 45 or 50 pounds and are built like a small Wolf but are not pack animals like the wolf they most are like the fox in that they live alone most of the year I am thinking that they would be a good all around dog for what we do I was just wondering about the coyote because they are the biggest thing we can hunt with dogs the only thing that made me wonder was even if they are used for pigs and bear coyote are faster and I just did not know if they would even have a chance against one also I would wonder how old of a track they could work mostly coyote and fox run at night and we can only hunt in the day general way it does is to put out a bait for them to feed in at night and the dogs pick it up the next morning
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Re: Deutscher Wachtelhund

Postby RDJ » Mon Jul 11, 2016 9:15 am

The wachtelhund does not work cold tracks of healthy game. I cannot give a very precise answer here, but I would guess that a track older than an hour would interest the dog very little. However, older articles describe that the wachtel (once upon a time at least) could work night tracks of fox and hare, so it may not be completely out of the question with the right dog and training. That said, I am in the process of getting a hound breed for my own fox hunting for the very same reasons - a dog that will work cold tracks and stick to the same fox for hours. This type of work is not what the wachtelhund was bred for.
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