How old is too old to breed Boykin?

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How old is too old to breed Boykin?

Postby WiskeyJaR » Mon Aug 21, 2017 6:55 pm

I have a 5yr old female Boykin, I would like to have 2 pups <same litter> from her before her years catch up to her. No, not looking to start or carry anyone bloodline, just looking for a hunting stud.
I know, most Good Breeders do not like to breed with "backyard breeders". I just want two pups from her to work Upland hunting, as a team. Yes, I know this is a long shot, as most breeders looking out for their bloodlines, cant blame them at all.

Lil Miss Sally has papers, but is not registered for breeding. (was and IS to be hunter, not a breeder) She has been a great hunter on both fur and feathers, yes fur, and she still has a soft mouth. :) Squirrels, mountain beavers, <nothing like real beavers, large prairie dog size> and opossum, peasant, quail and grouse she has hunted and gotten them all.

So... at 5yrs, is she too old for a first time litter.
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Re: How old is too old to breed Boykin?

Postby orhunter » Wed Aug 23, 2017 8:57 am

She should be fine. You may not get as large a litter at 5 like you would at two or three but she should still produce at her age. Would like to see more photos. Her coat looks great.
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