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Postby terryg » Fri Jun 25, 2004 2:40 pm

rick, if it appears i was claiming to know more than the "historians" that was not my intention. just that i have a jaundiced( well founded) eye to all history, dog or other wise. that is what keeps my interest up. when i yard sale(every weekend like clock work)or find one anywhere else, i buy any book that may have some interesting points concerning the history of some topic i am interested in.

this has given me perspectives of different folks of different time periods, locations, interests and agenda's

i have 2 main books i got facts on the lab from, along with several minors. one is written buy hunters and breeders of hunting dogs. the other by the akc "establishment" of show enthusiasts. others buy dog people in general.

you can be sure they see things through totally different eyes.

i believe by discussing things with other folsk that have dicovered different "facts" it gives me an insight to a much broader understanding. you yourself, with your years of hunting and experiennce have given me a lot of info on the "gulf coast hunting region" whether you knew it or not and i am sure you know i respect your knowledge and opinions.

though i have my own opinions i always take even mine with a grain of salt.


thanx for the kind words. i have been studying the agw and dd as i will be getting a pup sometime in the future for my wife ;-). one of the things i enjoy so much about the discussions as well as the histories is the vast amount of contradictory facts that are only appear that way due to the perspective of the speaker. none are wrong.

as a historian of another breed on another page i share my info there also. what i have learned is the people doing the business of the dogs changes over time and what was very important 25-50-75 years ago, is not only unknown to those in the sport now but often deemed irrelavant.

i find that the thinking of those in the past influences the thinking of today to a far greater extent than most acknowledge.

just look at the divergent ideas of those choosing the dd over the american wire hair and their resultant dogs. history is being written as we speak!
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Postby VersatileRookie » Sat Oct 29, 2005 3:25 am

I might have missed it, but did someone mention the deadgrass or lighter colors of a Chessie, might have come from crossing with Yellow & Tan Coon Hounds. I know Ive read that some place, just cant remember where.

You guys have exclent conversation.
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