Braque Francais

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Braque Francais

Postby Michel » Sat Oct 05, 2002 6:23 am

Do you know this new breed?
You can read more about my dog by visiting my web site.
Please feel free to post any questions you might have concerning this breed.
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Postby Hank » Sat Oct 05, 2002 8:46 am

Hi Michel,

I considered a BdB perfore settling on a PP. Are BF similar in temperament and ability? There's a guy here in CT that breeds BdB and I was going to visit his kennels. However, the guys at the gun club I'm joining told me they had Braques there once and didn't like them, alhough they weren't too specific as to why or which breed of Braques they had seen. I guess one of the guys even tried to breed them unsuccessfully at one point and I was told that I shouldn't talk about them too much. I guess their experience with the breed was pretty bad. I asked the BdB breeder here in CT if he knew of their experience and if it was his dogs they had seen but he never bothered to respond to my questions. I've never seen a BdB myself, so I have no personal experience with them. However, I am suspicious of a breeder that isn't willing to stand behind his dogs and rebutt negative comments, so I decided a BdB wasn't for me. There are so few breeders of Braques that it is hard to assess the acuracy of their statements regarding this breed. I was also concerned that because the dogs are so rare, the available breeding stock may be too limited to insure the appropriate level of genetic diversity.

Still, I am intrigued by the breed and I like their looks. I would be intersted in hearing more about them since they aren't very common.
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