Irish Setters

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Irish Setters

Postby ST8ITSTR8 » Mon Apr 28, 2003 1:33 pm

I am considering getting a couple of Irish Setters for hunting upland game and to be our family pets. I have been interested in this breed since I was very young. But haven't had any direct experience with them.

I have trained GSPs, Brits and Spaniels and am wondering how Irish Setters are to train. Also I would love to receive any info on this breed, especially reputable breeders (especially those focused on hunters), how they are with kids and cost.

I have hit alot of the main websites, etc. Are there any good breeder sites? Also I have read and heard that these dog's hunting abilities were almost bred entirely out in favor of show characteristics, if this is true how is it being brought back and what is the best way to determine what breeders have the bet line to hunters?

At this time I am not really interested in breeding or showing. I am looking for a hunter and family companion. I might be interested in doing some field trials if the dog were to show that kind of aptitude. I live on 10acres, with horses, chickens, two cats, three daughters and a wife in KS.

Postby thunderchicken » Mon Apr 28, 2003 2:29 pm

I recently acquired an Irish Setter myself. This is my first Irish Setter, I've also own a GSP and have owned GWP's. I do not have the experience to give you a proper opinion. I can state what I've noticed in my dog. He learns fast, is smart, but he is unpredictable. One day he will do everything right, whoa, come, heel, you name it. The next day it is like forget you, I ain't doing it. A little heart to heart and he comes around though. It should also be said that my dog didn't come from the best breeding, and was given free rein early in life by its previous owner. He was going to get shot for chasing cattle so I took him in, I guess I have a big heart and a little mind :lol: . This is the only dog I've had that I swear if he had a middle finger he would give it to me!!! However, what I've read seems to bear this trait out some as well, most every writing I've seen states that the dogs are somewhat impish, just takes a little longer with them that is all. Just make sure you establish and maintain the position of Boss. I know there are some ppl on this website who have Irish's hopefully they will give you more imput than I can.

As far as a good dog, he is great, loves kids, likes to run, but hates cats, which isn't a bad thing, I think it is a sign of prey drive which hopefully will make the transition to birds. There are enough pics on the website of hunting reds that I believe you can find the right match for you. Good Luck
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