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Postby hunting_mom » Mon Mar 01, 2004 6:31 pm

I just talked with Frank, March 11 is the day! I have a small bag of food of what she's eating now and a large bag of what I'll be feeding her, Prism Growth Formula. She was born Jan 13th and had her first set of shots early last week, she was 9lbs 7oz!

She tires out all nine of her siblings before flopping out herself and is having a hoot playing in the snowbanks, bouncing around like a bunny rabbit.

I think it will be a good idea for me to only strip her coat in the spring. A full coat for late fall hunting and winter will be essential.

Last fall during grouse season, I didn't know I would be getting my fuzz mutt so I didn't save any whole grouse or wings. Thankfully, ptarmigan season is still open so my hubby and I went for a drive yesterday. I now have some ptarmigan boobies. wings and tails. I have two more weeks before the season closes and I hope I can get a few more by then. I also talked to a conservation officer today and he has a couple whole frozen grouse in the CO meat locker he will give me if I need them.

I know Placer will be a handful, how much is the fun question. When its cuddle time she settles down and is not mouthy with people. I'm hoping she will fit right in, I won't screw up too much and have a ball for the next 12 yrs. I will keep everyone posted.
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