Pudelpointer Breeders Not On Nappa Breeders List

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Re: Pudelpointer Breeders Not On Nappa Breeders List

Postby JASmith » Tue Feb 27, 2018 11:52 am

Charli wrote:Please expound on the definition of "working dog" in the context of the PP. Are you referring to the lineage of imported lines or a current application?

I believe he's trying to say that PP's have been very protected by hunters, and you won't be finding 'show' lines. At least that is what we all hope.
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Re: Pudelpointer Breeders Not On Nappa Breeders List

Postby Willie T » Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:05 pm

I would advise you to seek out a puppy that comes from a breeding that follows the guidelines of NAPPA or a similar organization or an imported dog. To this point, it is their promoting adherence to set guidelines and pooling of breeding stock among members that strives to maintain what the PP what is. I understand the wait can be daunting but it will most likely be worth the wait. If a Cedarwoods dog is what you really want I would suggest you email Bob Farris and explain that to him and why. If in fact he is not planning on a liter, this year he most certainly could point you in the right direction. His dogs are represented in many other Kennels.
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Re: Pudelpointer Breeders Not On Nappa Breeders List

Postby JONOV » Wed Mar 07, 2018 10:00 am

The cool thing about NAVHDA is that you can go on and research pedigrees, hip X Rays, test scores, etc...I'm told that you can do the same with JGHV dogs but I'm not sure.

Ask about for a pedigree, and go nuts. X Ray, teeth, etc, are all part of the searchable data available on the NAVHDA website. And, the test scores. Test scores aren't everything but I think they are valuable in terms of the macro-data they provide. And, you see some context...A dog that's tested at 6 months old vs a dog that runs its NA test two days before aging out.

I would avoid getting hung up on which club, or alliance, the breeder associates with (or doesn't.) If the parents/grandparents have the performance you desire, are free of genetic defects, then proceed.

In any case, a breeder that puts a high emphasis on testing (in NAVHDA or JGV) is a good thing. It means that he wants to gather data on what he's producing to learn more down the line.

I spoke with a Griffon breeder this past weekend, that breeds conformation show line Griffs, though she does screen for homes that hunt. She said that the NAVHDA registry is the best thing going for breeders that are concerned about what they're producing. You can see if a dog has a propensity for throwing bad bites, coats, etc...Or see the comment "people shy, wouldn't let judge inspect teeth," or "tried to bite judge."
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