Persistent Allergies

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Persistent Allergies

Postby southstream » Thu Jun 05, 2003 11:59 am

My black lab has persistent ear infections do to allergies. She is already on allergy-free food, has had several rounds of treatments. Any other suggestions because they always seem to come back or never truly go away?

Postby Hank » Thu Jun 05, 2003 12:19 pm

I've got an older dog that is half lab and has suffered the same problem her whole life. In her case, not only do the allergy flareups affect her ears but they cause inflamation on her feet as well. The allergen free food will help but won't solve everything since these dogs usual suffer from inhalant allergies, such as an allergy to mold or pollen. The only thing you can do when the situation is really bad is treat with steroids to perdiodically reduce the inflamation. I've tried everything there is on the market to help, including giving anti-histimines like benadryl, but nothing totally solved the problem. The only thing you might consider if the situation is real persistant is having the dog undergo allergy testing to find out what it's allergic to and then treat it with desensitizing allergy shots, much the same as is done with people. However, if you go this route be sure to locate a vet that is qualified to do the testing and treatments because most aren't. Also, this is a very expensive process to have to undergo. If the situation is only occasaional, your best bet is just to live with it and treat severe flareups as I mentioned.
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Postby MikeB » Sat Jun 28, 2003 11:03 am

Exactly what brand of food do you feed your dog? What is allergy-free food? Is that from Natures Recipe? Over the years I have found that dog food with high grain content and low meat content can add to he problem. Also high levels of "brewers yeast" in supplements like brewers yeast and garlic tablets used for flea control or even food supplements for added healthy skin and coat can add to a dogs ear infections caused by yeast.

I have found that food supplements using NO yeast at all are best though hard to find. I haven't had any ear problems for years now using Norwegian Kelp supplement from Kelp Prodcts of Florida...

Also NUPRO dog supplement comes in a "yeast free" formula but you have to buy it from the manufacture.

Also I have been feeding Canidae dog food since it came out, 7-8 years now with excellent results. Check them out at

I do agree with Hank in his post, food alone is only a start and if your dog suffers from inhalant allergies too that is a real problem. I would check out high quality dog foods with high meat and low grains line Canidae and yeast free supplements. Also a good ear wash out every week will help a lot too. Best of luck.
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