Excessive Weight Loss/Eating Grass/Sick Dog!

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Excessive Weight Loss/Eating Grass/Sick Dog!

Postby Steven R. Scheib » Sat May 10, 2003 7:02 am

During the 2002 Hunting Season, one of our GSP's, started losing an excessive amount of weight, to a point where she looked emaciated. or in other words, skin & bones. Had Blood work done; stools checked 3 different times. Clean bill of health. Everytime she was let out of her kennel, she immediately started eating grass! I was embarased when several groups of NADKC members visited Iowa to hunt and saw this dog, who at her Derby & Solhms Test, was a picture of health. She looked pathetic. Plus, her demenor was not the same. She was skitish. Almost hyper, beyond the norm. I increased her food intake to over 8 cups per day, and still no weight gain. Finally, over the winter, with decrease activity, and long days of hibernation, so to speak, she recovered. And we never knew what had happened. Then, this Spring, a littermate, who from time to time, will eat stools from her sister, started her downward spiral into the exact, same condition as her littermate, the Fall before. Within 3 weeks, the dog lost 9 pounds, from her normal 48 pound weight. There was nothing left to her hips. I had been traveling in my business, so had been gone. When I returned a took one look at this dog, I immediately packed her up and this time, visted Dr. Dean Fry, a long time surgeon, vet who I hoped could figure this out. He knew immediately, when he saw her, what she had. CAMPYLOBACTERIOSIS or CAMPY - LO - BACTER. I asked him why the other vets didn't catch this, when they checked the stools, etc. Typically, he said, they only check for parvo, worms, etc. This bacteria has to be checked on a slide, under a microscope. Now, I'm sure there is more to it than this. and I advise everyone to get a sheet from their vet on this one. On dogs 2 & under, these above conditions that my 2 pups incurred, is fairly normal, because their immune systems are fully developed. Older dogs can carry this bacteria their whole life, and literally be carriers, spreading the very contagious bacteria thru their feces, yet never show signs themselves, of the infection. Dr. Frey said that one of the reasons alot of dogs eat grass, is that they carry this bacteria in the lining of their stomach, and never get rid of it. So they do what nature has given them to combat sickness themselves, and they eat grass. This is a temporary treatment, but reaccurs over and over and over. PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT. These dogs were sick, lethargic, life-less, and emaciated. And two other vets did not discover anything. That's scary! The ending is happy. The medicine works wonders. The dogs have both recovered. And I have a new vet! If anyone wants a sheet on this, just email me at: s.r.scheib@att.net and I will send you a copy of this. Wow! Do I feel blessed that this vet checks it all. Have a great day. Steven Scheib
Steven R. Scheib

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