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Postby GREGG » Tue Dec 31, 2002 7:59 pm

Our G.S.P. has for the past several weeks vomited several hours after eating. We at first pasted it off as she was in Season. Now that she is out, she still seems to vomit several hours after eating. She appears healthy and shows no sign of any ailments. The only thing that has changed in the household is that her sister has a littter of pups. The pups seem to upset her and we have past this off as just one of those things. We give her a lot of attention and at are lost ends on what the cause may be. We are going to see the Vet. Thursday to have her checked. She is in the house and is the kind of girl that gets upset at every little noise that she hears outside. We get her out all the time, the wife takes them on walks with her for several miles every morning and we have a fenced in 7 acre yard that they have free run of when ever they desire.
Just trying to get some ideas before I hit the Vets. on Thursday morning. Afterall, we are in Cow-Country, and if taking her to the University Vet Colleage to be checked is in order, we will do it!

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