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Postby FetchLifeUp » Wed Aug 12, 2015 2:14 pm

Please delete. Got some good info from another vet.
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Re: Pup issues... umbilicord hernia and cryptorchid

Postby SMAbby » Thu Aug 13, 2015 9:54 pm

I am speaking from limited experience as I have produced 2 litters where we had an umbilical hernia in each litter. The hernias, in my opinion, were severe. I was able to fit a pinky in one and a ring finger in the other.
As a breeder, since I bred it, I felt it was my responsibility to fix them and before they left my care. SO I took the risk of putting 6-7 week pups under anesthesia for the repair. From the reading that I have done, the fix isnt always 100%. I hope that this isnt true.
But, I will add that as a breeder I have pulled the breeding rights on these pups. There is some evidence.........or some thought.....I havent figured out which yet as this is from my breed warden, that if the pup is male it should not be bred. There is a higher possibility that he will pass it on.

My thought is that I dont totally buy into the "The dam did this to the pup" theory. I have seen my bitch rough handle pups while chewing the umbilicus with no issues with the pup. I believe that yes, she could, but only if there was some kind of a weakness there already. Just my thoughts on it though. At this point my breed doesnt eliminate umbilical hernias. But I will never allow for one of my pups to breed if it has one.

The testicle thing, I havent run into but it would be the same deal. Seems like 6 months is way to old to have not descended. I wouldnt breed it. I would not neuter him yet though. I would wait til 18 months plus to do the surgery if it hasnt descended. If both come down, then I wouldnt neuter unless you are having issues.

Good luck.
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