Use of a platelet rich plasma-collagen scaffold for CCL Rupt

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Use of a platelet rich plasma-collagen scaffold for CCL Rupt

Postby Doc E » Mon Nov 19, 2012 7:56 pm

From the AKC Canine Health Foundation

Cruciate rupture (CR) is a common degenerative condition of the canine knee (stifle). This economically important condition causes 20% of lameness in dogs and is disabling. Each knee contains two cruciate ligaments (cranial and caudal) that are located within the joint and stabilize the knee. Degeneration, fraying and progressive fiber rupture commonly affects both ligaments, but particularly the cranial or anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Current surgical treatments are stabilization procedures that do not directly treat the damaged or ruptured ligament. Our main goal is to develop a safe and effective therapy that will prevent progressive tearing of ligament fibers, enable ligament healing, and block arthritis progression in affected dogs. To accomplish this goal, we will study a new regenerative medicine treatment using growth factors derived from a type of white blood cell, the platelet, concentrated from the patient's own blood. We will determine whether this treatment can promote cruciate healing and reduce progressive ligament rupture in dogs with early CR and clinically stable knees. This work promises a reduced need for surgical stabilization in dogs with late phase CR and an unstable knee. Effective treatment that prevents ligament rupture is not currently available. Completion of this work is expected to fill a knowledge gap regarding cruciate repair in CR-affected dogs that will be broadly applicable. This knowledge will also be used to develop a bioenhanced cruciate repair treatment for dogs with late phase CR and an unstable knee. Overall, this work promises improved outcomes for affected dogs.

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Re: Use of a platelet rich plasma-collagen scaffold for CCL

Postby jmr12 » Mon Nov 19, 2012 8:48 pm

Thanks Doc....
I fowarded this to a couple of friends.
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