Buckeye nuts toxic?

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Buckeye nuts toxic?

Postby blue04 » Mon Oct 08, 2012 8:10 pm

One of my dogs seemed a bit lethargic tonight, and wasn't interested in his dinner (which isn't like him at all). I went out into the dog yard to see if I could see anything he'd gotten into or possibly chewed up and swallowed during the day while I was gone. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary, but as I was coming back in I noticed a Buckeye nut laying by the door where the dogs come in. This seemed strange to me as the only Buckeye tree in the yard is clear on the other side of the house. So I picked it up and there were teeth marks on it. It wasn't eaten, and the skin was barely punctured, but there were clearly visible teeth marks.

I have no way to tell whether the dog that's acting strangely actually ate any Buckeyes and if so, how many. But one of my dogs clearly picked this one up out of the yard and carried it around to the door. So I'm guessing it's a good bet. During my walk through, I did see several other Buckeyes laying around in the yard.

Maybe one of the vets on this board can help me out on this one. I know humans aren't supposed to eat Buckeyes, but what about dogs? If they are dangerous for dogs, what symptoms should I be looking for and how urgent is a trip to the vet?
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Re: Buckeye nuts toxic?

Postby steadytowing » Mon Oct 08, 2012 10:16 pm

Yes, buckeye nuts are toxic to dogs. There is a poison control line for pets, 800-213-6680. It wouldn't hurt to call them and get some advice or symptoms to watch for.
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