Abnormal bone growth

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Abnormal bone growth

Postby rogue » Tue Sep 25, 2012 11:29 am

I have a pup from my last litter that was struck by a truck at 8 months of age, he recovered fine from the subsequent hip surgery. A few months ago around June we noticed that after exercise he would hold up/favor his bad leg. So we took him in to our vet and had his hip checked. After some X-rays it was determined that it was not his hip at all but a abnormal ball of bone growing in the lower portion of his tibula. The vet said the X-ray images showed the bone was fuzzy in that area and her first thought was a fungal infection or bone cancer. We have had 3 bone biopsy(No cancer thank god), and countless exams/exploratory surgeries, and still no one seems to know what the issue is. The bone has grown to a little smaller then a baseball and he does not use the leg at all now.
This area was sutured after the accident due to a large laceration and the abnormal bone growth is right under the scar so I'm suspecting that somehow during the accident or at the emergency clinic something penetrated this area and is causing irritation to the bone. I'm at my wits end not to mention bankrupt (LOL) over this, 4k plus just in surgeries, biopsies and we still have no idea. He is starting to use it a little bit more after he was put on a wide spectrum antibiotic (@$4.00 a pill) but the poor little guy is still obviously in pain from it. We are currently awaiting the results of a more advance blood test but I'm extremely frustrated with all this.

I was curious to see what you folks have to say about it.
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