Cactus Needles

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Cactus Needles

Postby RowdyGSP » Sun Sep 24, 2017 11:38 pm

So we hunted chukar quite successfully this weekend, but I pulled over 100 cactus needles out of Rowdys feet and legs. I am sure I missed a lot as I can feel some but not see them. Will they eventually fester out Or is this something I need to make a vet trip to for fear of them migrating. We were hunting in Idaho. Looked like prickly pear but with very long needles. Short ones are buried and almost invisible.
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Re: Cactus Needles

Postby ECO » Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:11 pm

We regularly hunt in areas pretty heavy with a few different kinds of Beavertail like you describe. Have found that the little needles tend to work their way in a ways and form small cysts or pustules (zits). The cysts seem to encapsulate them pretty well and we haven't had them migrate past that point, although I'm sure it is possible. Have found that a very fine toothed comb (ie mustache comb or similar) will help them stand up where you feel them but can't really see them and make them easier to grab with hemostats or pliers (at least with Vizsla length fur). Good luck, they sure are a pain in the ass to get out especially when there are tons of them.
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