Good Video of a UT?

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Good Video of a UT?

Postby MoreBeard » Tue Dec 29, 2015 10:42 am

New to the forum...
Does anyone have a video of an actually NAVHDA UT being run? On Youtube I can find plenty of AKC hunt test videos, and plenty of people training for NAVHDA, but no videos of an actual UT being run. I've also searched this forum, but couldn't find anything.

I've always just trained my dogs for my own personal hunting, but I've been mulling the idea of training for a test. It seems NAVHDA UT might be the option that most closely matches my hunting. The next NAVHDA test in my area is 6 weeks away... just looking to get a better sense of how the tests are run and how the dogs perform.

Watching the AKC videos have given me a pretty good sense of how my dog would perform against their standards...
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