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Ted Wigglesworth

My first bird dog was an English Setter when I was 12 years old. That has been 43 years ago. My love for hunting dogs has led from that first Lemon and White Setter to English Pointers, German Shorthairs and now the Llewellin Setter. Owning my first one nearly a decade ago has never changed my initial impression; Llewellins love to please their master in the field. They are a little smaller than most setters, their total body weight usually never exceeding 45-50 lbs. Being a unique strain of English, bred from Purcell Llewellin's personal lines to Edward Laverack's dogs in 1871 make them a unique hunting companion. They bond basically to one person, require a lot of eye contact in the field, love heavy brush, working very close with sleight of foot, thus making them very popular with Grouse, Pheasant, Woodcock and Quail hunters.

I have been training Llewellins and other dogs for many years. The methods I use are those of Delmar Smith, perhaps the world's most famous dog trainer alive today. The methods are simple; "If you want to train a bird dog you have to learn to think like he does." Using repitition, point of contact and praise gets the job done well. No harsh treatment of any kind is ever used. "If he does it right praise him with a pat on the shoulders and a 'Good Boy!" If he does it wrong, have him do it over til' he gets it right." Llewellin's are soft dogs. They cannot stand abuse, but they'll work with you and for you because of their inate desire to please. Electronic Shock Collars can ruin a dog in an instant used the wrong way. YOU CANNOT TRAIN A DOG WITH AN ELECTRIC COLLAR! Some profess to but it only turns a dog into a "Hunting Machine", not a friend in the field. The Electronic Collar should only ever be used as an extension of the Check Cord. My specialty is Fine Finished Dogs for the Discriminating Foot Hunter, although I do sell some puppies on occasion. I also train other selected breeds upon evaluation by myself. I work alone. That works best for me and the dog. All training is guaranteed and I invite those inquiries by Bird Hunters to help them work through or solve problems with their hunting partner. Feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance.

"In the beginning, God, created man, but saw him to be such a pitiful creature, He created the Llewellin Setter." HSV
Ted Wigglesworth
Houdini Kennel

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