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My name is Marie R. Andes and I have a B.S. in Biology/Psychology with a concentration in Animal Behavior. While at school I managed and operated the biology departments only rat colony. I was the primary caretaker and supervised a few students who assisted me when needed. I also was able during this time to learn small animal surgery by removing the ovaries of the females. During this time I applied anthestic, performed the actual operation and sutured them up. After gaining all this experience I developed a business called "The Reptile Beastro", with the purpose of raising proper food for reptiles! I also offered educational programming to the public based on reptiles and their dietary well as behavior and so forth.

Upon graduating, I developed Tender Paws and I have been doing this for many years now. I offer basic dog training which is founded on the evolution of the cainine and how to relate to each other. My feet are in Change Over Time or Evolution and Natural Selection. I walk people through Artificial Selection, which is our breeding techniques to acquire certain behaviors, phenotypes and so on. I also teach people how to live with their companion and the companion how to live with their human. I do not train for shows nor do I like the word obedience! I prefer mutual respect :)

I have a program I do called "Bunny Talk" which is on the road to promote education on rabbits and their care. I talk about the biology, behvaior, training, breeding and problems of having these animals. I currently own 16 rabbits which I use in my talks. The talks are all interactive and the people walk away with a lot of information.

Well, if you need anything more lemme know.....Marie

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